Theresa Chow    周廷勵大律師

Call: 2014 (HK)
Solicitor: 2012 - 2013 (HK)

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb)
Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (FHKIArb)
Registered Foreign Lawyer, Singapore International Commercial Court


Theresa Chow commenced full practice in 2014 after completing her pupillage with Mr Victor Joffe QC, Mr Paul Lam SC, Ms Anita Yip SC, Mr Bernard Man (now Bernard Man SC) and Mr Osmond Lam.

Before being called to the Hong Kong Bar in 2014, Theresa was a Judicial Assistant to the Court of Final Appeal and the Court of Appeal from 2012 to 2013 where she provided assistance to appellate judges.

Theresa was previously qualified as a solicitor from 2012 to 2013 following her training at Allen & Overy from 2010 to 2012.

Theresa is developing a broad civil practice and accepts instructions in all areas of Chambers’ work. She has been instructed in a wide range of cases involving areas such as family/ matrimonial (ancillary relief and children matters), general commercial, company, employment and arbitration matters.

She has appeared as an advocate (either in her own right or as a led junior) in all levels of Court including the Family Court, the District Court, the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal.

She has also appeared as an advocate (either in her own right or as a led junior) in arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, HKIAC Administrated Arbitration Rules and the ICC Rules of Arbitration.

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Selected Cases

Family / Matrimonial

  • LSH v WLS, HCMC 1/2017, FCMC 11001/2014: 8-day ancillary relief trial; resisting disclosure application in ancillary relief proceedings, including against third parties (e.g. administrator of creditor’s scheme and banks) and advising on preliminary issue and ancillary relief trial (led by John Scott SC and Russell Coleman SC).

  • NC v PHM, HCMC2/2019, FCMC 15518/2017: Questionnaire and discovery application, First Direction Hearing, application for transfer to High Court; advising on ancillary relief and children matters; attending first appointment hearings and Children Dispute Resolution hearing.

  • LWH v NKWS & others, CAMP 14/2018, FCMC 2953/2015: 12-day hearing of preliminary issue on beneficial ownership of certain companies; application for indemnity costs for preliminary issue trial (led by Russell Coleman SC); resisting application for leave to appeal in the Family Court and in the Court of Appeal.

  • CSH v LS, FCMC 12435/2016: 5-day ancillary relief trial; application for Mareva injunction (led by Richard Todd QC and appearing with Corinne Remedios).

  • TSYV v LWSV, FCMC 12681/2014: advice on and applications for maintenance pending suit, release from implied undertaking, joinder and pursuant to section 17 of the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance (Cap. 192), discovery and subpoena against third party (led by Benjamin Yu SC, Russell Coleman SC, Bernard Man SC).

  • TSC v KWH & others, FCMC 2755/2014: 5-day hearing of preliminary issue on beneficial ownership of certain companies; application for interim maintenance (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • M v E, CACV 75/2015, HCMP 392/2015: resisting application under Child Abduction and Custody Ordinance (Cap. 512) (led by Russell Coleman SC); and application for stay of execution pending appeal.

  • HK v OM, FCMC 3332/2019: application for stay of proceedings on grounds of forum non conveniens.

  • LCC v LTLA, HCMC 4/2019, FCMC 10000/2017: First Directions Hearing, advice on ancillary relief (led by Richard Todd QC).

  • PZN v ZG, FCMC 3712/2016: 3-day ancillary relief trial.

  • XS v LB¸ FCMC11635/2016: resisting leave to appeal decision on custody and access.

  • CYS v CCY & another, FCMC4228/2017: advising on and attending 6-day preliminary issue trial regarding beneficial ownership of certain businesses and companies.

  • LRL v ESSA, FCMC265/2014 (consolidated with FCMP 133/2013 and FCMP 111/2014): application for contempt of court order restricting removal of child from jurisdiction, resisting variation of interim care and control and access arrangement.

  • CLFC v CYM, FCMC1694/2015: application for maintenance pending suit (led by Bernard Man SC); application for interim interim maintenance; attending Financial Dispute Resolution hearing.

  • NTKA v OSP, FCMC 5417/2015: maintenance pending suiting application.

  • DF v MF (nee Z), FCMC 17358/2013: resisting application for leave to serve further questionnaire in ancillary relief proceedings.

  • Probate / Succession

  • LYYC v CHL and CSMS, the Executrices of the Estate of CGSK (decd), FCMP 223/2017: attending discovery and directions hearing, advising the Estate in respect of a Cap.481 claim.

  • In the matter of the Estate of THM (decd.), HCMP 1479/2012, HCA 1742/2012, HCA 2143/2012: attending directions hearing, advising the Estate in respect of a Cap.481 claim (led by Richard Todd QC).

  • In the matter of the Estate of CSLZ (decd.): advising the Estate on potential claims against former business partners and rights of subrogation (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Arbitration

  • 5-day hearing of a RMB550 million claim and RMB 662 million counterclaim for breach of distributor agreement by a PRC national distributor of an Italian brand (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • 10-day hearing for an over US$45 million claim in contract, trust and restitution for wrongful sale of pledged shares under a stock-secured loan agreement (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • Advising on, drafting pleadings and attending hearings (conducted in Putonghua) relating to a claim pursuant to a share entrustment agreement relating to shares in various onshore and offshore funds (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Attending hearing for claim in breach of contract by a financial institution for transfer of money due to internet fraud (led by Jose Maurellet SC).

  • Opposing objection to the continued involvement as Counsel on grounds of purported conflict/ bias given the arbitrator belongs to same set of chambers (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • Application for joinder on behalf of minority shareholder in a land development joint venture.

  • Employment

  • Mackinlay Andrew Antony v Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited DCCJ 2228/2016: 6-day trial; advising on merits and amendment of pleadings (assisting Bernard Man SC).

  • Pratt, Jon Vaughan Merrick v Barclays Capital Asia Limited [2018] HKCA 132, CACV123/2017, HCA 1295/2016 – application for strike-out of pleadings (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Egner David Parks & others v Cathay Pacific Airways Limited & others HCA 244-247/2014: advising on merits, amendment of pleadings and expert evidence (assisting Bernard Man SC).

  • In re a complaint of disability discrimination: attending Equal Opportunities Commission Conciliation Meeting on behalf the employer.

  • Company

  • Joseph Ghossoub v Team Y&R Holdings Hong Kong Limited & others HCMP1074/2015: application for stay of unfair prejudice proceedings pending determination of underlying disputes by English Courts (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • Foo Tsing (also known as Nelson Foo) v Roeders Geschaeftsfuehrungs GmBH & another, HCCW 68/2016: resisting an injunction in unfair prejudice proceedings that the company be restrained from removing the plaintiff from the board of its subsidiary (led by Mr Victor Joffe QC).

  • 張才奎所託管中國山水投資有限公司股份相關員工 & others v. 張才奎 & others, HCA 1661, 1766 & 2191 of 2014 and 623, 939 & 1564 of 2015: acting for receivers applying for Court directions on how to vote shares at EGM of listed company (led by Lisa Wong SC).

  • Insolvency

  • The Liquidator of Wing Fai Construction Co Ltd (in liquidation) v Yip Kwong Robert & others HCCW 735/2002: 10-day trial of misfeasance proceedings under section 276 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32); setting aside of subpoena ad testificandum; application to amend pleadings; resisting application for leave to adduce expert evidence (led by Linda Chan SC); attending hearing on costs.

  • Re Sun Wang Group Investment Limited, HCCW384/2017: appointment of provisional liquidator, resisting discharge application (led by Jose Maurellet SC).

  • Re ICG Asia Finance Limited, HCCW 209/2015: acting for petitioner for winding up order on insolvency grounds.

  • Commercial

  • Cheung Chi Yuen, Frank v Yeung Siu Wai, Anthony HCA826/2014: 6-day trial – breach of contractual and tortious duties of financial advisor (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Deyi Investment Ltd v Macjin Info Com Tek., Ltd & another [2016] 5 HKLRD 137 (CA): setting aside leave to serve writ out of jurisdiction within O.11 r.1(1)(d)(iii), (iv) of the Rules of High Court; principles on apparent authority and agency (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Spearhead International Limited v Goldfield Investment (Group) Limited (in liquidation), HCMP 710/2016: application to set aside default judgment.

  • Wan Chi Hing v Wong Chung Kai t/a Kai Hing Trading Company & others, HCA 1552, 1554 &1555/2013: 5-day trial – breach of contract (led by Bernard Man SC).

  • Wason Holdings Limited & others v BHP International Markets Limited & others, HCA 1692/2014: application for continuation of ex parte injunction to restrain dealing in proceeds of sales of shares with additional disclosure order and resisting application to strike out; resisting leave to appeal (led by Russell Coleman SC).

  • Yinggao Resources Ltd v ECO Metal (HK) Ltd & Citibank NA, HCA 964/2012: opposing appeal against Master’s order on amendment of pleadings; application to vary cost order nisi (led by Eugene Fung SC); application for security for costs and resisting appeal from Master’s decision.

  • Securities & Regulation

  • Re AcrossAsia Limited & others (MMT Report 29 November 2016): representing the CEO in MMT hearing to determine whether a breach of disclosure requirements within the meaning of sections 307B and 307G of Part XIVA of the Securities and Futures Ordinance Cap 571 has taken place.

  • Securities and Futures Commission v C & others, HCMP 727/2008: discharge of injunction for proposed intervener (with Laurence Li).

  • A & other v C, HCMP1707/2015: acting for trustee in application to Court for directions in relation to notice of investigation pursuant to s.183 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571) and requests for disclosure therein (with Laurence Li).

  • Personal Injury / Medical Negligence

  • Chan Hon, the administrator of the estate of Poon Lai Ming, deceased v Bayer Healthcare Limited & others, HCPI 32/2016: application to set aside service out and extension of writ and appeal to Judge and the Court of Appeal; drafting defence (led by Raymond Leung SC).

  • Cheung Shuk Ling Zoe (decd.) v Dr. Li Wang Pong Franklin, HCPI 180/2019: Mareva injunction restraining disposal of assets in Hong Kong (led by Raymond Leung SC).

  • Practice Areas

  • Family / Matrimonial
  • Probate / Succession
  • Arbitration
  • Employment
  • Company
  • Insolvency
  • Commercial
  • Securities & Regulation
  • Personal Injury / Medical Negligence
  • Appointments And Public Office

  • Committee on Family Law, HK Bar Association, Honorary Secretary: 2019 – present

  • Committee on Family Law, HK Bar Association, Member: 2017-present

  • Standing Committee on China Practice Development, HK Bar Association, Member: 2017-present

  • Council Member, The Bar Council, 2017 – 2018

  • Education


    MA, University of Cambridge


    PCLL, University of Hong Kong


    BA (Hons) in Law, University of Cambridge

    Publications And Articles

  • Contributing Author, Hotten and Ho on Family and Divorce Law in Hong Kong (2019)

  • Contributing Editor, Hong Kong Civil Procedure (The White Book) (2015-2016)

  • Contributor, Lexis Practical Guidance – Dispute Resolution(2015)

  • Contributor, Hong Kong Competition Law

  • Scholarship And Prizes


    Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship

    2006 - 2009

    Jardine Scholarship (full scholarship for undergraduate studies at University of Cambridge)

    2006 - 2009

    Cambridge Commonwealth Overseas Trust Scholarship - Honorary Scholar

    2006 - 2007

    Cambridge University Magdalene College Governing Body Exhibition Prize

    2004 - 2006

    Hong Kong Government Scholarship


    Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize


    Fluent in Cantonese, Putonghua and English

    Further information

    • 2019: Guest Lecturer on Family Law and Private International Law, the University of Hong Kong

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