Tim Parker
“Utterly brilliant” – Legal 500

Call: 2009 (HK); 2017 (England & Wales)
CEDR Accredited Mediator 2009


  • LLM (First Class), University of Cambridge
  • LLB and PCLL, University of Hong Kong
  • BA (Chinese Studies), University of Melbourne


电话:(+852) 2523 2003


姓名:Beatrice Chan
电话:(+852) 2248 1962



  • 仲裁
  • 商业纠纷
  • 竞争法
  • 歧视
  • 公法 / 司法复核
  • 证券法及监管
  • 电讯
  • 委任及公职

  • Bar Council, Member (2020)
  • HKBA Committee on Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights, Member (and former Chair)
  • HKBA Committee on International Law, Member (and former Chair)
  • 出版刊物

  • Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2024, Contributing Author, Chapters on Order 53 (Judicial Review) and Order 54 (Habeas Corpus), LexisNexis
  • Richard Gordon QC and Johnny Mok SC, Judicial Review in Hong Kong (2nd Ed) (LexisNexis, Hong Kong, 2014, Contributing author) (6 chapters)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong: Administrative Law, 2nd Ed., 2011 Reissue, Vol. 1, (LexisNexis, Hong Kong, 2011, Sole author)
  • “Trials in Absentia at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Incompatibility with International Human Rights Law”, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Volume 8, No. 2, (Oxford University Press, May 2010, co-author with W. Jordash)
  • Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong (2nd Edition) (Thomson Reuters Hong Kong, 2011, Contributing Editor: Chapter 11 (Nuisance) and Chapter 12 (Rylands v Fletcher Liability))
  • 奖学金 / 奖项

  • Whewell Scholarship in International Law, University of Cambridge
  • E M Burnett Prize, University of Cambridge
  • Hollond-Whittaker Studentship in Law, Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Bar Scholarship
  • Baxter Prize, Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (World’s Best Memorial)
  • Best Oralist, Asia Cup International Humanitarian Law Moot
  • 专业经验

    Tim's practice spans constitutional and administrative law, public international law, civil and commercial disputes (before the courts and in arbitration), as well as competition and other regulatory matters. He is engaged in complex, high impact matters either as sole advocate or as part of a wider team.

    Tim is also qualified in England & Wales, where he is a member of Blackstone Chambers. He has acted in numerous landmark cases before the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, the Privy Council, and courts at all levels in Hong Kong, England & Wales, and other commonwealth jurisdictions.

    Tim is a Bar Scholar. He holds an LLM (First Class) from the University of Cambridge, where he was elected to the coveted Whewell Scholarship for International Law, an LLB and PCLL from the University of Hong Kong, and a BA from the University of Melbourne.

    Tim is ranked in the major legal directories as a leading junior for commercial disputes, competition, and public law. Recent quotes include:

    “He is a fantastic barrister – super-intelligent, very commercial and easy to work with.”

    – Chambers & Partners 2023 Greater China Region, Administrative and Public Law: Spotlight Table — Juniors

    “Tim is extremely intellectual and practical and it is difficult to find another junior barrister of his calibre … his written work is excellent, his advocacy and performance in court are also very impressive, making him one of the best junior barristers in Hong Kong.”

    – Chambers & Partners 2023 Greater China Region, Commercial Dispute Resolution: The Bar — Juniors

    “His knowledge and experience of the area are extensive and his advocacy skills both written and oral are absolutely top notch. A great team player and very user friendly.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023: Hong Kong Bar — Administrative and Public Law

    “Tim is one of the best advocates in court. He is very intelligent and can think of arguments that other advocates do not typically cover. His arguments are highly persuasive.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023: Hong Kong Bar — Commercial Disputes

    “Tim has outstanding analytical abilities and is a first rate advocate. Without question, he is one of the ablest lawyers in this field.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023: Hong Kong Bar — Competition

    “Tim is a star. A measured yet forceful advocate who has a very tactical mind. He easily holds his own with the most senior of judges.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022: Hong Kong Bar — Administrative and Public Law

    “Tim is superbly clever, and a highly talented and effective advocate who is always well prepared and inspires great confidence.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022: Hong Kong Bar — Commercial Disputes

    “An excellent advocate, with tremendous experience in both public and competition law. He commands the respect of all the judges he appears before.”

    – Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022: Asia Pacific: Hong Kong Bar — Competition

    “He is also notably active on commercial cases, one source describing him as ‘really top-notch across a broad range of work,’ while another interviewee calls him ’an intelligent and astute counsel of high integrity’.”

    – Chambers & Partners Greater China Region 2022: Commercial Dispute Resolution

    “Tim Parker is a prominent figure in the market who is highly regarded for his “vast experience in judicial review”.”

    – WWL 2022: Mainland China & Hong Kong SAR — Commercial Litigation, Hong Kong

    “Tim Parker is praised as “an expert in constitutional and administrative law”.”

    – WWL 2021 & 2022: Commercial Litigation — Future Leaders — Non-Partners

    “Very bright and user friendly barrister, especially when it comes to competition and public law related matters.”

    – Legal 500 United Kingdom 2021: United Kingdom: London Bar — Offshore

    Winner of Lexology’s Client Choice Award 2021: Hong Kong — Litigation


    公法 / 司法复核+
  • Infinger v The Hong Kong Housing Authority [2023] HKCA 1178
    Judicial review challenge to the Authority’s exclusion of same sex couples from subsidised rental housing units. With Geoffrey Yeung.
  • Hong Kong Golf Club v Director of Environmental Protection & Anor [2023] HKCFI 1946
    Interim stay in a judicial review challenge to an environmental impact assessment for a proposed housing development at Fanling Golf Course. Led by Benjamin Yu SC.
  • Kattina Anglin v The Governor of the Cayman Islands CICA (Civil) Appeal No. 6 of 2022, 4 July 2023 (Cayman Islands Court of Appeal)
    Resisting a constitutional challenge to the Governor’s enactment of the Civil Partnership Act via reserved powers. Led by Tom Hickman KC.
  • Tam Sze Leung & Ors v Commissioner of Police [2023] 2 HKLRD 839 (Court of Appeal)
    Challenge to alleged police practice of informally ‘freezing’ bank accounts by ‘no consent’ letters. Led by Abraham Chan SC.
  • Kezerashvili v Georgia, Application No. 11027/22 (European Court of Human Rights)
    Application by former Defence Minister alleging Article 6 violations in Georgian criminal appellate proceedings. Led by Sir Jeffrey Jowell KC.
  • Day & Bush v The Governor of the Cayman Islands & Anor [2022] UKPC 6 (Privy Council)
    Represented the Cayman Islands Attorney General in judicial review proceedings concerning same-sex marriage. Led by Dinah Rose KC and Sir Jeffrey Jowell KC.
  • Harjang Singh v Secretary of Security & Anor [2022] 4 HKLRD 99 (Court of Appeal)
    Habeas corpus following 3+ years of immigration detention. With Josh Baker.
  • H v Director of Immigration (2020) 23 HKCFAR 248
    Whether leave to appeal required following a refusal to extend time in judicial review. Led by Philip Dykes SC.
  • Infinger v Hong Kong Housing Authority [2020] 3 HKC 41 (Court of First Instance)
    Constitutional challenge to exclusion of same-sex couples under subsidised housing policy.
  • QT v Director of Immigration (2018) 21 HKCFAR 324 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Challenge to the exclusion of same-sex couples from the Government’s policy of granting dependant visas. Led by Dinah Rose KC.
  • Browne v Munokoa [2018] UKPC 18 (Privy Council)
    Cook Islands appeal concerning the status and interpretation of indigenous customary laws in former colonial territories; succession rights of non-blood adoptees under Māori traditions and customs. Led by Gerard McCoy SC.
  • Prosecutor v Jovica Stanišić (IT-03-69-A), 15 December 2015, Appeals Chamber, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
    Prosecution appeal against acquittal on war crimes charges. Legal Consultant to Mr. Stanišić, led by Wayne Jordash KC.
  • GA v Director of Immigration (2014) 17 HKCFAR 60 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Circumstances in which mandated refugees have a right to work. Led by Michael Fordham KC.
  • Brian Alfred Hall v HKSAR (2014) 17 HKCFAR 17 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Whether Court of Final Appeal had jurisdiction to overturn its own judgment acquitting an accused; whether appropriate to exercise such jurisdiction. Led by Gerard McCoy SC.
  • C & Others v Director of Immigration (UNHCR Intervening) (2013) 16 HKCFAR 280 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Whether the HKSARG, albeit a non-party to the Refugee Convention, must assess refugee claims independently. Acting for UNHCR, led by Gerard McCoy SC.
  • Ubamaka v Secretary for Security (2012) 15 HKCFAR 743 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Whether removal to a risk of inhuman or degrading treatment compatible with HKBOR Article 3. Led by Richard Gordon KC.
  • A v Commissioner of the Independent Commissioner against Corruption (2012) 15 HKCFAR 362 (Court of Final Appeal)
    Whether privilege against self-incrimination abrogated in respect of ICAC compulsory information notices. Led by Richard Gordon KC and Gerard McCoy SC.
  • 竞争法+
  • Apple Inc & Ors v Competition and Markets Authority [2023] CAT 29, [2023] Bus LR 841 (UK Competition Appeal Tribunal)
    Challenge to the CMA’s decision to launch a market investigation into Apple and Google’s mobile ecosystems. Led by Tim Otty KC.
  • Competition Commission v Linde (HKO) Limited & Ors [2022] HKCT 3 (and [2021] 5 HKLRD 175)
    Acting for the Competition Commission in the first enforcement proceedings brought under the Second Conduct Rule, alleging abuse of market power in the supply of medical gases. Led by Robert O’Donoghue KC and Jin Pao SC.
  • Kerilee Investments Limited v International Tin Association Ltd, Case No: 1379/5/7/20 (UK Competition Appeal Tribunal)
    Damages action brought under section 47A of the Competition Act 1998 alleging abuse of dominance and cartel conduct in the supply of traceability services for rare earth minerals. Led by Brian Kennelly KC.
  • Competition Commission v Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong Limited & Ors [2023] HKCT 7 and [2023] HKCT 2; [2022] HKCT 3 (HK Competition Tribunal)
    Acting for Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hotel group (part of CK Asset Holdings Ltd) defending allegations of facilitating price fixing in respect of theme park and tour tickets. Led by Abraham Chan SC.
  • Shell Hong Kong Ltd & Anor v Meyer Aluminium Ltd, CACV 500/2021 (Court of Appeal)
    Appeal in a commercial dispute for the purchase price of fuel, defence alleging illegality due to price fixing.
  • Competition Commission v Nutanix & Ors [2019] 3 HKC 307 (HK Competition Tribunal)
    Defence of a listed IT distributor in the first enforcement action brought before the Competition Tribunal in respect of alleged bid-rigging / price fixing. Led by Gerard McCoy SC.
  • Television Broadcasts Limited v Communications Authority and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [2016] 2 HKLRD 41 (Court of First Instance).
    Challenge to broadcasting-sector competition provisions for incompatibility with the right to a fair trial under HKBOR Article 10. Led by Dinah Rose KC and Gerard McCoy SC.
  • 商业纠纷+
  • HKIAC Arbitration (confidential)
    9-figure USD dispute arising out of cryptocurrency derivatives trading activities. Led by Andrew Green KC.
  • SIAC Arbitration (confidential)
    Commercial dispute re breach of a global licensing agreement for electronics products.
  • A v B [2023] 1 HKLRD 144 (Court of First Instance)
    Application for a further and more specific injunction to enforce arbitration confidentiality.
  • AB v X & Ors [2022] HKCFI 132 (Court of First Instance)
    Application to set aside an examination order giving effect to a letter of request in US regulatory action. With Josh Baker.
  • Re a letter of request (2022)
    Examination of a witness pursuant to a letter of request for use in a US action for breach of licence and patent infringement.
  • Merck KGaA v Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp & Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Limited HCA 1087/2018 (Court of First Instance)
    Global trademark and contractual dispute over the use of the ‘Merck’ name.
  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London & Ors v Syrian Arab Republic & Ors. CL-2015-000667 (Commercial Court, London)
    Application on behalf of the insurers for disclosure of UK assets belonging to the Syrian Government and certain officials in order to enforce a judgment in respect of a 1985 State-sponsored hijacking of EgyptAir flight 648. Led by Tony Peto KC.
  • Anderson Aviation & Anor v TAG Aviation San Marino S.R.L. & Anor., HCA 907/2021 (Court of First Instance)
    Commercial dispute over management of business aviation aircraft.
  • Sang Cheol Woo v Funvest Global Pte Ltd & Ors, HCMP 847/2020 (Court of First Instance)
    Setting aside injunctive relief given in aid of Singapore proceedings.
  • Indian Overseas Bank v Seabulk Systems & Ors [2018] HKCFI 112 (Court of First Instance)
    Trial of disputed redemption of bank guarantees, defences alleging misrepresentation, negligent advice, and loss of security.
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