Charles Hollander KC (England & Wales)

Call: 2015 (Hong Kong); 1978 (England & Wales)
Inner Bar: 1999 (England & Wales)
Tenancy: Brick Court Chambers, London
Temple Chambers, Hong Kong (since 2015)
Called to the Bar in British Virgin Islands, Cayman (for specific cases), Gibraltar, and Brunei.


  • King's College Cambridge 1974-77 (first class honours in Classics)



姓名:Olivia Tse
电话:(+852) 2248 1806



  • 商业纠纷
  • 冲突法
  • 仲裁
  • 银行 / 金融
  • 民事欺诈 / 资产追回
  • 竞争法
  • 专业责任
  • 公司法
  • 衡平法 / 信托
  • 禁制令 / 藐视法庭
  • 委任及公职

  • Deputy High Court Judge (E&W) (Queen's Bench Division and Chancery Division)
  • Recorder of the Crown Court (E&W)
  • Board Member, Bar Standards Board and Chair, Standards Committee, (E&W) 2006 to 2011
  • UK National Anti-Doping Panel, Chairman Member
  • Tennis Integrity Unit, Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer
  • World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal, Worldwide Chairman
  • 出版刊物

  • "Documentary Evidence" (1st ed 1985, 13th ed 2018)
  • "Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong" (1st ed 2015, 2nd ed 2020)
  • "Conflicts of Interest" (1st ed 2000, 6th ed 2020 )
  • "Phipson on Evidence" (19th ed 2017) (editor with others)
  • "Competition Litigation" (1st ed 2010, 2nd ed 2020) (contributor)
  • 奖学金 / 奖项

  • James Mould Scholar of Gray's Inn
  • Bacon Holt and Uthwatt Prizewinner, Gray’s Inn
  • Entrance and Senior Scholar, King's College Cambridge
  • 专业经验

    Charles practises in London from Brick Court Chambers, but since joining Temple Chambers on his call to the Hong Kong Bar in 2015, he splits his time between London and Hong Kong. He took the Bar exams and became Hong Kong qualified in order to spend more time as an advocate in the courts and arbitration in Hong Kong.

    Charles’ practice is predominantly in commercial litigation. He has been involved in many of the major litigations of the day in London and is an advocate who has a hands-on involvement as team leader in any litigation where he is involved.

    Charles’ recent work in Hong Kong includes a jurisdiction challenge in a professional negligence action against a US-based firm in China Medical Supplies v Paul Weiss, involvement in the first case before the new Competition Tribunal in Hong Kong Competition Commission v Nutanix, and Mayer BVI v Alliance Financial Intelligence where the Court of Appeal had to consider whether to follow recent English and Australian authority on setting aside judgments for fraud. Elsewhere he has been involved in an HKIAC arbitration involving marine transportation, litigation in Bermuda and the Bahamas, an action for 202,000 plaintiffs arising from the collapse of the Fundao dam in Brazil and a seminal case before the English Court of Appeal as to whether the contribution act had extra-territorial effect.


  • Chung Yen Chu v Borrelli [2019] HKCA 622 (redemption of mortgage)
  • Mayer BVI v Alliance Financial Intelligence [2019] HKCA 777 (setting aside judgment on grounds of fraud);
  • DBS Bank HK v Pan Jing [2020] HKEC 240 (restitution/underground banking)
  • City Success v H&M Hennes & Mauritz [2019] HKEC 3250 (construction of lease termination)
  • 冲突法
  • China Medical Supplies v Paul Weiss LLP 2019 HKEC 3472 Godfrey Lam J (jurisdiction dispute as between HK and New York in professional negligence action)
  • Okada v Okada [2018] HKCFI 2310 Ng J (validity of exclusive jurisdiction clause)
  • 民事欺诈 / 资产追回
  • Mayer BVI v Alliance Financial Intelligence [2017] HKEC 190 (setting aside judgment on grounds of fraud); judgment currently awaited from Court of Appeal
  • Sun Tian Gong v Changchun High and New Technology [2018] HKCFI 2499 DHCJ Le Pichon (amendment after limitation period, inconsistent pleading)
  • Pacific Electric Wire & Cable v Texan Management [2012] HKEC 517, Reyes J, Hong Kong commercial court ( 7 week commercial fraud trial)
  • 竞争法
  • Competition Commission v Nutanix [2019] HKCT 2 (bid-rigging: first reference before Competition Tribunal; also [2017] HKEC 2111 (privilege against self-incrimination under new Competition Ordinance)
  • 公司法
  • Elliott International LLP v Bank of East Asia [2018] HKCFI 2002 (minority shareholder action)
  • Waddington v Thomas/Profit Point [2016] HKEC 367(multiple derivative action)
  • 衡平法 / 信托
  • Tao Soh Ngon v HSBC International Trustee [2018] HKCFI 380 Lewis Chan J (amendment after limitation period in trust action)
  • Li Sin Man Seline v Li Shu Chung [2017] HKEC 78 (Court of Appeal) (dispute within family, discretionary trusts)
  • 禁制令 / 藐视法庭
  • China Shanshui Cement v Zhang Caikui [2018] HKEC 401 (civil contempt)
  • 专业责任
  • China Medical v Paul Weiss LLP Godfrey Lam J [2019] HKEC 3472 d (jurisdiction dispute-carrying on business in HK)
  • English Cases


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