Queenie Lau SC
Queenie Lau SC
Queenie Lau SC
"Queenie Lau is an outstanding junior counsel. She is probably the best in her rank. She is always hard-working and responsive. She is versatile and has solid knowledge in various areas of law." - Chambers & Partners 2023

Call: 2008 (HK)
Inner Bar: 2024
Solicitor: 2007 to 2008 (HK); 2008 to present (England and Wales – non-practising)
Accredited as a mediator by CEDR in 2009
Accredited as a general mediator by HKIAC in 2009
Accredited as a mediator by HKMAAL in 2013
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators since 2017
Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators since 2016
Member of the HKIAC List of Arbitrators since 2018


  • MA, University of Cambridge
  • BA (Hons) in Law, University of Cambridge


Tel:(+852) 2523 2003


Name:Yvonne Yim
Tel:(+852) 2248 1881

Practice Areas

  • Commercial
  • Company
  • Banking / Finance
  • Injunction / Contempt
  • Professional Liability
  • Defamation / Media
  • Securities & Regulation
  • Arbitration
  • Building / Construction
  • Competition
  • Confidentiality / Privacy
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Civil Fraud / Asset Recovery
  • Discrimination
  • Employment
  • Equity / Trust
  • Insolvency
  • Mediation
  • Property & Conveyancing
  • Public Law / Judicial Review
  • Probate / Succession
  • Personal Injury / Medical Negligence
  • Restitution / Unjust Enrichment
  • Commission of Inquiry / Inquest
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Intellectual Property
  • Appointments And Public Office

  • Temporary Deputy Registrar, High Court (Oct. 2018; Sept. 2019; May 2021; July 2023)
  • Deputy District Judge, District Court (Oct. 2023)
  • Temporary Deputy Registrar, District Court – Mediation Master in Case Settlement Conference pilot scheme (October 2021)
  • Hong Kong Bar Association
  • Member, Bar Council (Jan. 2011 to Jan. 2014)
  • Chairman, Young Barristers Committee (2011)
  • Member, Special Committee on Companies Law (2011 to 2012)
  • Member, Special Committee on Code of Conduct (2010 to 2019)
  • Member, Special Committee on Practice Promotion (2008 to 2015)
  • Member, Special Committee on Civic Education (2009 to 2010)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Mainland Affairs (2022 to present)
  • University of Hong Kong
  • PCLL Course: Assessor for the Commercial Dispute Resolution Advocacy Assessment (various); Part-Time Lecturer for mediation exercise (various)
  • Other
  • Part-time Member, Central Policy Unit, Government of the HKSAR (2012)
  • Member, The Medical Council of Hong Kong (2024 to present)
  • Non-executive Director, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (2022 to present)
  • Deputy Chairman, Administrative Appeals Board (2022 to present)
  • Deputy Chairman, Private Columbaria Appeal Board (2023 to present)
  • Chairman, Toys and Children’s Products Safety Appeal Board Panel (2024 to present)
  • Member, Insurance Authority Disciplinary Panel Pool (2023 to present)
  • Member of the Management Committee, Consumer Legal Action Fund (2015 to 2021)
  • Member of the Consumer Protection Law & Policy Committee (2022 to present) and Preliminary Working Group on Class Actions (2018 to 2022), Consumer Council
  • Member, Disciplinary Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (2013 to 2019)
  • Member, Licensing Appeals Board (2012 to 2017)
  • Member, Transport Tribunals’ Panel (2012 to 2018)
  • Member, HKSAR Passport Appeals Board (2012 to 2018)
  • Steering Committee on Mediation: Member, Regulatory Framework & Accreditation Sub-committee (2021); Member, Regulatory Sub-committee (2012 to 2017, 2019); Member, Accreditation Sub-committee, Steering Committee on Mediation (2017 to 2019)
  • Member, Eastern District Fight Crime Committee (2012 to 2018)
  • Member of Board of Governors, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (2017 to 2023)
  • Member, Pharmacists Sub-group, Steering Committee on Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development (2012 to 2017)
  • Member, Advisory Panel on Vetting of Amusement Games / Machines (2012 to 2018)
  • Member, 11th and 12th Committees of the All-China Youth Federation (中華全國青年聯合會第十一及十二屆委員會委員) (2010 to 2020)
  • Publications And Articles

  • Hong Kong SAR chapter of the World Arbitration Reporter, 2nd ed, Chiann Bao and Queenie Lau
  • Hong Kong: First Instance Court Clarifies Limitations to Iura Novit Arbiter, ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2022 No. 2, Chiann Bao and Queenie Lau
  • Kluwer Practical Insights - Law Applicable to the Arbitration Agreement, Chiann Bao, Queenie Lau and Natalie So
  • Contributing author, Securities & Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571): Commentary and Annotations, Sweet & Maxwell, 2018, 2019
  • Contributing author, Hong Kong Competition Law, 2017
  • Scholarship And Prizes

  • Middle Temple Society Scholarship
  • Represented Hong Kong in the LAWASIA Moot on Intellectual Property– Champion team, Best Mooter
  • Lizette Bentwich Prize (for academic performance), awarded by Trinity College, University of Cambridge
  • Jardine Scholarship (full scholarship for undergraduate studies at University of Cambridge)
  • Profile

    Queenie Lau is described by Chambers and Partners 2023 as “an excellent advocate” and “an outstanding junior counsel. She is probably the best in her rank. She is always hard-working and responsive. She is versatile and has solid knowledge in various areas of law.” Legal 500 2024 also describes Queenie as “a first-class advocate”, and “her advice is practical and incisive and she is a pleasure to deal with”. Queenie has been recommended by Chambers and Partners as a leading Hong Kong junior for commercial disputes, by Legal 500 as a leading junior for commercial disputes and also employment cases, by Who’s Who Legal (Mainland China & HKSAR – Arbitration) as a Thought Leader and by Doyle’s in the area of employment.

    Queenie has a broad, predominantly civil, practice which includes commercial law, securities and regulatory matters, banking, company law, land law, conveyancing, building management, professional negligence, employment law, family law, defamation, probate and commercial fraud. She has been instructed by a media conglomerate to advise and act for it in a range of cases, acts for the Securities and Futures Commission as well as parties under investigation, and also acts both for and against banks. She has substantial trial and appellate experience both as an advocate in her own right and as junior counsel.

    Queenie is also regularly involved in arbitration and mediation, and has experience conducting both arbitrations and mediations in Putonghua. Who’s Who Legal (Mainland China & Hong Kong SAR – Arbitration) has reported that Queenie “gains impressive endorsements for her arbitration practice, with peers highlighting her ‘strong legal skills and wide range of experience’”. Who’s Who Legal (Mainland China & Hong Kong SAR – Mediation) also recommends Queenie as a mediator.

    Queenie was among the first batch of Hong Kong lawyers to qualify for legal practice in the Greater Bay Area.


  • China Metal Recycling (Holdings) Ltd (in liquidation) & Or v UBS AG & Or (claims for dishonest assistance, knowing receipt etc, with the liquidators seeking over HK$300,000,000) (led by Mr Jat Sew-Tong SC / Mr Laurence Li SC)
  • Lo Ming Chi Charles v Fullpower Investment Holding Corp [2021] HKCFI 3073 (a trial to enforce a debt claim and to refute the defendant’s allegation of an oral agreement and alleged breach of duties of the plaintiff as chargee) (with Keith Chan)
  • Pony HK World Limited v. Vand Petro-Chemicals (BVI) Company Ltd and Other, (2013) 16 HKCFAR 937 (CFA), [2012] 5 HKLRD 735 (CA) (enforcement of a put option, with the put option price exceeding HK$500,000,000) (led by Mr Charles Sussex SC)
  • Paul's Model Art GmbH v. UT Ltd and Others, HCA 1501/2000, 30 August 2013 (14-day trial: breach of contract) (led by Mr Stewart Wong SC)
  • Company
  • Choi Yuk Ying (蔡玉英) v Ng Ngok Chuen (吳岳泉), HCMP 98/2017 & HCA 1060/2017, also CACV 230/2017 & CACV 39/2018 [2019] HKCA 171 (acted in various actions between the parties, including unfair prejudice proceedings which settled during trial in May 2022) (led by Mr Stewart Wong SC)
  • Re The Grande Holdings Ltd [2016] 1 HKLRD 435 (what constitutes a liquidated sum that entitles a creditor vote at a creditors’ meeting) (led by Mr Victor Joffe)
  • Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Company Limited v. Gold Global Limited and Others, HCCL 17 and 18/2009, 12 April 2012 (18-day trial: diversion of companies’ funds and properties, dishonest assistance etc.) (led by Mr Russell Coleman SC)
  • Insurance
  • Application for Review by Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited, IAT/1/2022 (acting for the Insurance Authority to oppose the Appellant’s two applications for stay of execution in January and March 2022 respectively, and to oppose the Appellant’s application for review; Target Insurance is one of Hong Kong’s leading motor insurance companies) (with Mr Brian Lee)
  • Application for Review by Ms Tsui Pui Kuen, Mr Chiu Yung and Ever Fountain Global Wealth Management Limited, IAT/PIBA/02/2019 (acted for the Insurance Authority in resisting the Appellants’ application for review of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association)
  • Banking / Finance
  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd v. Eddy Technology Co. Ltd. and Others [2019] HKCA 339 (summary judgment, including consideration of arguments concerning appropriation of payments, penalty clauses)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. v. Sweetmart Garment Works Ltd. and Others, HCA 1807/2005, 10 March 2010 (enforcement of a guarantee) (led by Mr Paul Shieh SC)
  • Injunction / Contempt+
  • HKCOLO.NET Limited v Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, HCA 1900/2021 (acted for HKT in obtaining two urgent interlocutory injunctions in March and August 2022 respectively) (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC)
  • Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons Ltd v Samantha Jane Bradley, HCA 518/2022 (represented the plaintiff in applying for an urgent anti-harassment interlocutory injunction) (with Mr Keith Chan)
  • La Dolce Vita Fine Dining Company Limited v. Zhang Lan [2018] HKCFI 548 (acted for the founder of the South Beauty restaurant chain (俏江南) in a contempt of court trial) (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC)
  • 張才奎所託管中國山水投資有限公司 and Another v. 張才奎 and Another, HCA 1661, 1766, 2191/2014 & HCA 623, 939, 1564/2015 (Consolidated), 9 October 2015, 26 October 2015; HCMP 2498/2015 (CA), 22 October 2015 (resisted 1st Defendant’s various applications for injunctions against two independent non-executive directors)
  • Komal Patel and Others v. Chris Au and Others, HCA 183/2014, 11 July 2014 (Defendants’ applications for the discharge of interlocutory injunctions; Plaintiffs’ applications for summary judgment and further interlocutory injunctions) (led by Mr Charles Sussex SC)
  • Professional Liability
  • China Medical Technologies, Inc (in liquidation) v KPMG (a firm), HCCL 7/2020 (audit negligence claim for over US$500 million; instructed to represent KPMG in the 40-day trial, with the case settling after 32 days) (led by Mr Justin Fenwick KC and Mr Jin Pao SC)
  • Orient Power Holdings Limited (receivers and managers appointed) (in liquidation) and Others v. Ernst & Young, HCCL 14/2014, 15 February 2017 (discovery); CAMP 6/2017, 28 August 2017 (resisting the introduction of a new witness) (led by Ms Roxanne Ismail SC); instructed to represent EY in the 60-day trial, with the case settling on the eve of trial (led by Mr Justin Fenwick QC and Ms Roxanne Ismail SC)
  • Acting in professional negligence claims concerning solicitors, a property valuer etc
  • Defamation / Media+
  • Jonathan Lu and Others v. Paul Chan Mo-Po and Another, CACV 251/2015 and CACV 252/2015, 23 December 2016 (appeal against jury verdict), 5 April 2017; [2018] HKCFA 11 (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC)
  • Wong Wing Yue Rosaline v. Next Media Interactive Limited and Others, HCA 2701/2016, 21 February 2017 (whether a disclosure order should be granted in this action for copyright infringement and breach of confidence; protection of journalistic sources)
  • BaWang International (Group) Holding Ltd. v. Next Magazine Publishing Ltd., HCA 1109/2010, 23 May 2016 (38-day trial involving, inter alia, expert evidence on toxicology, chemical engineering, PRC law and accounting) (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC)
  • Hong Kong Television Network Ltd. and Another v. Asia Television Limited and Another, HCA 2217/2012, 20 November 2015 (acted for HKTV and Mr Ricky Wong Wai Kay in a trial concerning libel by ATV and Mr James Pan Yu Shing)
  • Emperor International Holdings Ltd. v. AtNext Ltd. [2016] 1 HKLRD 77 (resisted the continuation of an ex parte interlocutory injunction)
  • Jigme Rinpoche v. Brightec Ltd. and Others [2015] 1 HKC 566 (first trial in Hong Kong to consider the defence of reportage)
  • Securities & Regulation+
  • Advising a leading financial institution in a regulatory investigation (led by Queen’s Counsel in England and by Senior Counsel in HK)
  • Securities and Futures Commission v. Wong Yuen Yee [2017] 1 HKLRD 788 (nature and scope of the SFC’s obligations of disclosure in disqualification proceedings) (led by Mr Victor Joffe QC)
  • Securities and Futures Commission v. Wang Jian Hua and Others, HCMP 745/2013, 29 October 2015 and 30 May 2016 (disqualification of directors) (led by Mr Eugene Fung SC)
  • Securities and Futures Commission v. Yeung Kui Wong and Others, HCMP 1742/2009, 1 March 2011 (disqualification of directors) (led by Mr Anderson Chow SC)
  • Advising on provisions of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571) both in the civil and criminal contexts
  • Arbitration+
  • Acted in an arbitration regarding a breach of contract claim involving patent issues, with the claim being for over RMB 2.8 billion in damages (UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules) (led by Mr Charlie Manzoni QC SC)
  • Represented a share custodian in a dispute concerning: (1) a share custodian’s obligations with respect to shares deposited by a borrower as security for a loan; (2) disputes over the Money Lenders Ordinance (Cap. 163) (with Ms Natalie So)
  • Represented the vendor in a dispute concerning the sale and purchase of shares in a Hong Kong company and the land use rights held by that company in the PRC; the governing law was Hong Kong law but PRC law applied to various issues concerning the land use rights in the PRC (Putonghua-only HKIAC arbitration) (with Mr Xizhen Wang)
  • Represented an Australian-incorporated company in a dispute concerning whether it had to pay over HK$20 million in service fees to a company incorporated in England and Wales (Putonghua-only HKIAC arbitration) (with Mr Jonathan Ng)
  • Represented a leading beverage brand in a dispute with its distributor in Macau in an ICC arbitration (with Ms Karen Tsang)
  • Represented a European investment company in HKIAC proceedings arising from the breakdown of a joint venture in the PRC
  • Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Limited v. China International Fund Limited, HCCT 9/2014, 6 August 2014 (resisted an application for stay of execution re: enforcement of arbitral award), 24 September 2014 (resisted an application for leave to appeal re: setting aside of arbitral award)
  • Acted and currently acting as arbitrator in a number of arbitrations, both in English and Chinese.
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Advising on jurisdictional and forum non conveniens issues (instructed as junior counsel to Mr Jat Sew-Tong SC)
  • Yau Wah Lok and Other v Michel Weinstock and Other, HCA 975/2010, 30 May 2012
  • Employment
  • Acted for a well-known transport carrier in several disputes concerning the termination of various employment contracts
  • Xu Yi Jun v GF Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd [2020] HKCA 663 (whether an employer may exercise an equitable set-off against its liability to pay a bonus)
  • Noble Spirit Ltd. t/a Life Solutions v. Wong Shu Yuen and Another, HCA 842/2011, 8 May 2013 and 23 December 2013 (striking out of High Court proceedings on the ground that the Labour Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction)
  • Equity / Trust
  • Cheerbond Development Ltd. v. Tung Kwok Yu [2010] 2 HKLRD 546 (trusts; illegality)
  • 黃吉雲 對 孫磊及另二人, HCA 752/2014, 10 February 2017 (dispute about the beneficial ownership of a property arising from a mortgage action)
  • Insolvency
  • Re Dai Yumin [2022] HKCFI 950 (succeeded in resisting an application to stay the bankruptcy petition pending arbitration; about dishonoured cheques and duress) (led by Mr Victor Dawes SC)
  • Re Chan Chun Chuen [2021] HKCFI 2385 (bankruptcy order) (with Mr Harrison Miao)
  • Property & Conveyancing
  • Sarah Sally Chan-Kent v Chim Sau Ching & Or [2021] HKCA 648 (adverse possession) (with Ms Jacquelyn Ng)
  • Advising a developer in respect of various restrictive covenants (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC)
  • Join Union Investment Ltd v. China Tree Investment Ltd [2016] 2 HKLRD 901
  • Channel Green Ltd v. Huge Grand Ltd [2015] 1 HKLRD 655 (whether good title had been shown; construction of sale and purchase agreement) (led by Ms Lisa Wong SC)
  • Public Law / Judicial Review+
  • Mohammed Selim & Ors v Torture Claims Appeal Board [2020] HKCFA 25 (acted as amicus in a hearing before the Court of Final Appeal)
  • Nancy Ann Kissel v. The Long-Term Prison Sentences Review Board, HCAL 137/2016, 17 May 2018 (led by Mr Russell Coleman SC); CACV 230/2018 [2020] 3 HKLRD 335 (judicial review by Nancy Kissel, who was convicted of murdering her husband and sentenced to life imprisonment)
  • Tsang Kwong Kuen v. The Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council, HCAL 44/2015, 31 May 2017 (judicial review concerning a meeting of the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council held on 27 June 2014 at which the approval of funding in relation to the development of residential areas in Kwu Tung North and Fanling North was discussed)
  • Chan Yeuk Ming v. Housing Authority, HCAL 25/2012, 7 September 2012 (judicial review concerning the Housing Authority’s policy in allocating public housing to divorcees) (led by Mr Stewart Wong SC)
  • Acting for the applicants in several applications for judicial review concerning claims made under the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, e.g. Hussain Tasawar v. Betty Kwan, Adjudicator [2017] 2 HKLRD 567
  • Intellectual Property
  • Hong Kong Karaoke Licensing Alliance Ltd v Neway Music Ltd CT 2/2010, 10 November 2020, [2020] 4 HKLRD 854, (acted for HKKLA with respect to various aspects of the first decision of the Copyright Tribunal in Hong Kong relating to licence fees exceeding HK$90,000,000, including in related court proceedings) (led by Mr Rimsky Yuen SC, and with Ms Natalie So)
  • Discrimination
  • Advising on the Disability Discrimination Ordinance (Cap. 487)
  • Others+
  • Ng Ying Mo v Secretary for Justice (for and on behalf of Commissioner of Police) [2021] 4 HKLRD 574 (pre-action discovery and Norwich Pharmacal orders) (led by Mr Raymond Leung SC)
  • Leung For Wing v. Liu Shaohuan; Cheng Chi Cheung v. Director of Legal Aid [2018] 4 HKLRD 352 (acted for the Director of Legal Aid; extent to which costs orders can be enforced against the Director)
  • International Associated Attorneys Ltd. v. Eurostock Energy Ltd., HCA 180/2012, 5 October 2012 (whether funds under a restraint order should be released to meet a judgment debt) (led by Mr Peter Ng SC)
  • Pido v. Compass Technology Co. Ltd. [2010] 2 HKLRD 537 (conspiracy to injure) (led by Mr Jat Sew-Tong SC)
  • Akai Holdings Ltd. (in compulsory liquidation) and Others v. Ho Wing On, Christopher and Another, HCCL 37/2005 and HCCL 40/2005, 1 June 2009 (interrogation/cross-examination of defendant as to his compliance with the terms of a Mareva order; discovery) (led by Mr Godfrey Lam SC)
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