Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones

Call: 1999 (HK); 2008 (Queensland)

1993-1998: Chair Professor, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, The University of Queensland.
2010: Accredited as a mediator by Hong Kong Bar Association


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of London
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Tasmania
  • Master of Laws, University of Queensland

Tel:(+852) 2523 2003

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury / Medical Negligence
  • Commission of Inquiry / Inquest
  • Disciplinary
  • Publications And Articles

  • Douglas Jones has over 100 scientific publications in medicine and education, contributed book chapters and written a book on Anaesthesia & Resuscitation [1997] Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0 7506 2960 6.
  • Douglas Jones taught tertiary students on matters related to medical negligence and personal injury and lectured as an invited speaker on medico-legal matters at scientific conferences. Contact
  • Profile

    Douglas Jones practices in the field of personal injury and matters related such as medical negligence, coronial and disciplinary inquiries, and workers compensation.


    Commission of Inquiry / Inquest+
  • CCDI 6/2001 In the matter of Chin Chung-yit, Albert, deceased
  • CCDI 1936/2001 In the matter of Li Keung-wai, deceased
  • CCDI 1707/2002 In the matter of Robert Anthony Adams, deceased
  • CCDI 2326/2001 In the matter of Akiko Chinen, deceased
  • CCDI 2416/2002 In the matter of Kwok Tai, deceased
  • CCDI 1923/2003 In the matter of David Samuel John Lee Slough, deceased
  • CCDI 1002/2004 In the matter of Lam King-fong, deceased
  • CCDI 297/2005 In the matter of Mak Cheung-yin, Miranda, deceased
  • CCDI 1330/2005 In the matter of Madam YUE Ling-chee, deceased
  • CCDI 104/2007 In the matter of Miss CHAN Fong-ling, deceased
  • CCDI 268/2008 In the matter of Leung Lok Man, deceased
  • CCDI 113/2007 In the matter of Rachel Susan Plog, deceased
  • CCDI 142/2008 In the matter of CHAN Lai-ling Anita, deceased
  • CCDI 519 / 2011 In the matter of Pamela Ann DUCRY aka Pamela Ann BROMLEY, deceased
  • CCDI 733/2013 In the matter of Chan Shuk Chun, deceased
  • Public Law / Judicial Review
  • HCAL 207/2002 Dr Gilbert Tien v William Lam Esq., Coroner
  • Disciplinary+
  • MCI 83/2002 Dr Vincent Yeung
  • DCI 537/9/H Dr Thomas Chung Siu-po & 8 Others
  • DCI 596/9/H Dr Clement Ho
  • MC 1/256/4/E Dr. Harry Sim
  • MC 10/AD Dr. Harry Sim
  • MC 6/175/4/E Dr. K.C. Lam
  • CACV 56/2007 Dr. K. C. Lam
  • CACV 150/2007 Dr. Young Yau Yau Cecilia
  • DCI 2/510/9/H Dr. Young Yau Yau, Cecilia
  • MC 2807/4/E Dr. Li Po Shan, John
  • AF CR 1-55/142/236 Dr. Ho Chun-kwan, Grace
  • MC 3148/4/E Drs. Chan Fei-ka, Chan Lai-ka, Susanna Ting Lai-yam, Meckey Tong Shui-king
  • MC 15/333/4/E Dr. Li Wang-pong, Franklin
  • Personal Injury / Medical Negligence+
  • HCPI 1066/98 Chan Yuk v Dragages et Travaux & Others
  • CACV 89/00 Chan Yuk v Dragages et Travaux & Others
  • HCPI 1085/98 Man Ching Fuk v Lee Siu Nam & Others
  • HCPI 874/98 Lai Ping Wah v China Insurance Co Ltd & Anor
  • HCPI 514/97 Wai Yin Wah by her next friend Choi Siu Yick v Laminate Enterprises Ltd
  • HCPI 763/97 Wong Hin Pui v Mok Ying Kit & Anor
  • HCPI 852/99 Ho Ying Wai v Keliston Marine (Far East) Ltd & Anor
  • HCPI 336/98 Buaphan Wanlayaphol since deceased on 12th January 1999, by her personal representatives Pilamart Ho (also known as Pilamart (nhu) Ho) and Neng Eng A Nuwat Wanlayaphol (also known as Neng Wanlayaphol) and Bernt Lars-Olof Wanlayaphol -v- The Incorporated Owners of the Foremost Building
  • HCPI 1241/00 Chan Kin Hung and Chan Yu Ki, the Administrators of the Estate of Kam Mo Ching, deceased -v- Cheung Suk Yee Polly and Shiu Man Hei
  • DCEC 792/02 Ng Kwok Hoi -v- Hop Shing Lung Industrial Limited
  • HCPI 256/00 Yeung Sze Yin -v- Pau Siu Keung trading as Pau Kee Construction Company & Others
  • HCPI 736/01 Siu Koon Man Coleman -v- Shum Chi Chung
  • HCPI 783/01 Lin Chun Yuen and Lin Kim Yong the administrators of the estate of Chong Lai Wa - v- Kwong Kam Chuen & Another
  • HCPI 1216/03 Paul William Halloran -v- Tsang Ming Sang & Another
  • HCPI 981/04 Tsang Yin Yuk –v- Nini Maternity Fashion Company Limited
  • DCPI 1810/05 Mak Ka Chun –v- Hong Kong Baptist Hospital & Dr. Ho Yu Cheung
  • HCPI 1415/00 Wu Chui-shan, Stella –v- Hospital Authority on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • HCPI 252/00 Ip Hui Ying (a minor) by Wong Siu Fan Joanne, her mother and next friend – v – The Hospital Authority
  • HCPI 151/06 Mary Luk –v- The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
  • CACV 150/2007 Dr. Young Yau Yau Cecilia v The Dental Council of Hong Kong
  • HCMA 574/2008 HKSAR v Hin Lin-yee and Lo Siu-kuen
  • FAMC 40/2009 HKSAR v Hin Lin-yee and Lo Siu-kuen
  • HCPI 228/2010 Yuen Hiu Tung (A Minor) by her grandmother and Next Friend Yip Hei Siu v Hospital Authority
  • HCPI 22/2012 Wong Ieok Hei v Dr Kwok Kwon Ho & Others
  • HCPI 833/2002 Yeung Lai Ping v Secretary for Justice
  • HCPI 245/2015 Chan Kwong Hing v Hospital Authority
  • HCPI 694/2014 Ho Chi Chung v Hospital Authority
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