Sik Chee-Ching
Call: 2022 (HK)


  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong
  • BCL, University of Oxford (Distinction)
  • BA in Law, University of Cambridge (First Class Honours)


電話:(+852) 2523 2003


姓名:Aki Lee
電話:(+852) 2248 1841



  • 仲裁
  • 銀行 / 金融
  • 建築物 / 建造
  • 商業糾紛
  • 民事欺詐 / 資產追回
  • 公司法
  • 競爭法
  • 衝突法
  • 紀律制裁
  • 衡平法 / 信託
  • 禁制令 / 藐視法庭
  • 破產清盤
  • 保險
  • 遺產 / 繼承
  • 專業責任
  • 財產及物業轉移
  • 歸還索償 / 不當得益
  • 證券法及監管
  • 獎學金 / 獎項

  • Bar Scholarship
  • Ely Carter Prize
  • Ruth Deech Prize
  • C.J. Hamson Prize for Aspects of Obligations
  • Trinity Hall Bateman Scholar
  • David Clement Davies Prize
  • Dr Cooper Law Studentship
  • 專業經驗

    Chee Ching joined Chambers after completing his pupillage with Mr Derek Chan SC, Ms Sara Tong (now Ms Sara Tong SC), Mr Martin Ho, and Mr James Man.

    Chee Ching has appeared in the High Court both in his own right and as a led junior, including in a number of company/insolvency cases. He regularly accepts instructions in respect of urgent injunction applications; and is also developing a practice in arbitration.

    Chee Ching is developing a brad civil practice and accepts instructions in all areas of Chambers’ work.


  • Bank of Communications Trustee Limited v China Energy Reserve and Chemicals Group Overseas Company Limited [2023] HKCA 966
    Appeal relating to Quistclose trusts in the intra-group context (led by Laurence Li SC)
  • Bei Ni Ltd v Cornwell (Hong Kong) Limited [2023] HKCFI 1799
    Successfully acted for a securities firm in relation to one of the first authorities on the nature of charges over collateral in margin accounts (led by Victor Dawes SC)
  • Re Jiayuan International Group Ltd [2023] HKCFI 1254
    Successfully acted for a supporting creditor in seeking a winding up order (as sole advocate)
  • Re Shandong Chenming [2023] HKCFI 2065
    Acted for the petitioner in a case concerning whether the Guy Lam principle extended to cross-claims (led by Laurence Li SC)
  • Re Koon Wing Yee [2023] HKCFI 2301
    Successfully obtained a bankruptcy order despite pending appeal by debtor (as sole advocate)
  • Re T-Hero Industrial Company Limited [2023] HKCFI 2080
    Successfully resisted amendment to Petition shortly before trial
  • Re Nam Ho Kwan [2022] HKCFI 3160
    Acted for respondent in seeking to stay a bankruptcy application (as sole advocate)
  • HCCW 151/2023 Re Polyard Petroleum International Group Limited
    Successfully acted for the petitioner in seeking a winding up order (as sole advocate)
  • 商業糾紛
  • Haller AC v Vestey International Group [2022] HKCA 1743
    Successfully appealed and set aside service out under O.11 r.1(1)(c) (led by Jonathan Chang SC and with Eugene Kwan)
  • Falcon Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Ltd v Bing Lee Crane-Lorry Transportation Co Ltd [2023] 2 HKLRD 1190
    Successfully applied for a stay pending arbitration (with Mr Martin Ho)
  • Chan Benjamin Ki-Wood v Young Won Ken [2023] HKCFI 240
    Strike out application in reliance of PRC Judgments (led by Jonathan Chang SC and with Lau Ka Kin)
  • 禁制令 / 藐視法庭
  • HCA 131/2022 Wang Weiqing v Zhuo Yihao and Persons Unknown
    Successfully obtained a cryptocurrency injunction against unknown persons (led by Laurence Li SC)
  • HCA 1812/2022 Carmon Reestrutura-Engenharia E.Servicos Tecnicos Especials (SU) Limitada v Carmon Restrutura Limited
    Successfully obtained proprietary/Mareva injunction (with Norman Hui)
  • HCA 923/2022 Bei Ni Ltd v Cornwell (Hong Kong) Limited
    Successfully resisted an ex parte injunction to restraining the sale of shares pledged in a margin account (led by Victor Dawes SC)
  • HCA 947/2023 Luo Lei v Wang Wei Xiang
    Successfully obtained ex parte injunction restraining the sale of shares (as sole advocate)
  • 其他
  • Ng, Rose Kai Ching v Liang Yum Shing Howard [2023] HKCFI 1867
    9 day trial concerning removal of executor (led by Bernard Man SC and with Thomas Wong)
  • Tong Kin Ming v Registrar of Companies [2023] HKCFI 1789
    Successfully obtained an order to remove a fraudulent guarantee from the land registry (as sole advocate)
  • CACC 239/2021 HKSAR v Mak Kwong Yiu
    Ongoing appeal against conviction of conspiracy to defraud related to Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules (led by Derek Chan SC, with Edward Tang and Tony Chow)
  • 仲裁
  • HKIAC Administered Rules – successfully acted in a 15-day arbitration concerning breach of sale and purchase Agreement involving PRC accounting issues (led by Laurence Li SC and with Martin Ho)
  • HKIAC Administered Rules – acting for a company in two arbitrations involving the redemption of shares (led by Jern-Fei Ng KC and with James Man) (ongoing)
  • HKIAC Administered Rules – acting for COVID-19 testing company in relation to the supply of COVID related products (led by Jonathan Chang SC and with Athena Wong) (ongoing)
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