Ruy Barretto SC

Call: 1974 (England & Wales); 1975 (HK)
Inner Bar: 2001
Accredited as a Mediator by CEDR in 2009


  • King George V School, Kowloon
  • King’s College, London University, LLB, AKC


電話:(+852) 2523 2003
傳真:(+852) 2810 0302


姓名:Francisco das Caldas


  • 人身傷亡 / 醫療疏忽
  • 委任及公職

  • Appeal Tribunal Panel (Buildings)
  • Air Pollution Control Appeal Board, Chairman
  • Dumping at Sea Appeal Board, Chairman
  • EIA Appeal Board, Chairman
  • Noise Control Appeal Board, Chairman
  • Waste Disposal Appeal Board and Water Pollution Control Appeal Board, Chairman
  • Barrister’s Disciplinary Tribunal, Member
  • Legal Aid Service Council, Member
  • 專業經驗

    Ruy Barretto SC has a common law practice with emphasis on accident litigation. This covers industrial accidents, chemicals, waste disposal, electrical installations, complex machinery, ships, industrial processes, construction sites, vehicles, psychiatric injury, medical accidents and medical negligence and their related insurance issues.


  • Ruy Barretto SC takes on cases which require attention to technical or medical matters, trials involving much witness evidence and expert evidence, cross-examination and detailed case preparation. He has been involved in important cases on principle and practice such as:
  • Appeal work
  • Leung Tsang Hung v Lee Wai Yue and the Incorporated Owners of Kwok Wing House CACV 195/2004; [2007] 4 HKLRD 654; (2007) 10 HKCFAR 480
    - a leading case on public nuisance, occupiers liability and the Building Management Ordinance
  • Poon Hau Kei v Hsin Chong Construction Co Ltd [2004] 2 HKLRD 442; (2004) 7 HKCFAR 148
    - a case on pleading and principle for Personal Injury Litigation
  • Trial work
  • Lo Siu Wa v Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board [2018] HKCFA 3
  • Alan Deakins v Leung Kwong Wai Humphrey HCPI 617/2007
  • Yeung Lai Ping v Secretary for Justice HCPI 833/2002
  • Tsang Tik Man v Kan Ki Leung, Stephen [2002] 1 HKLRD 29
    - a landmark case on traumatic stress and mental cruelty leading to personal injury
  • Kristan Philips v Initial Environmental Services Ltd and 4 others [HKCU] 594
    - a leading judgment on pesticide injury, 31st July 1997, Seagroatt J
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