Jason Lee    李澤恩大律師

Call: 2016 (HK)

Associate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrations (ACIArb)
Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (FHKIArb)


Jason joined Chambers after completing his pupillage with Mr Bernard Man SC and Mr Wilson Leung. He is developing a broad civil practice as well as a practice in judicial review and constitutional law. During his first year of practice, Jason has appeared as sole advocate at the Lands Tribunal, the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal. He has since conducted as sole advocate a number of trials, including a trial reserved for 18 days at the Court of First Instance.

Jason obtained his law degree from the University of Cambridge after graduating from Yale University. Before being called to the Bar, he was a Legislative Council assistant from 2012 to 2015.




  • CBRE Ltd v Superform Investment Ltd [2020] HKCFI 1799 – summary judgment; agreement for provision of project management consultancy services (as sole advocate)

  • China National Geological & Mining (HK) Ltd v Tianjin Hopetone Co Ltd [2020] HKCFI 1786 – setting aside leave to serve out of jurisdiction; agreement for provision of sales agency services (led by Mr Rimsky Yuen SC)

  • 財產及物業轉移

  • Sino Channel Holdings Limited v Vast Faith Investment Limited [2020] 2 HKLRD 1286 – trial appeal; construction of DMC (as sole advocate)

  • Grand Power International Ltd v Chan Sing Hoi Enterprises Ltd & Others [2020] 3 HKC 451 – trial appeal; waiver, acquiescence and estoppel (led by Mr Bernard Man SC)

  • Ng Yuk Mui v Ng Kammi Yu Ning & Others [2020] HKCFI 1786 – trial; adverse possession (as sole advocate)

  • 公法 / 司法覆核

  • Secretary for Justice v Leung Kwok Hung [2020] 3 HKLRD 190 – contempt of Legislative Council; parliamentary privilege, separation of powers (with Ms Margaret Ng and Mr Carter Chim)

  • Miu Hon Kit v The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd [2020] HKCFI 675 – judicial review against disciplinary decision; procedural fairness (led by Mr Barrie Barlow SC)

  • Wong Tai Hoi v Au Nok Hin & Another [2018] 2 HKLRD 789 – resisting leave for judicial review; election petition, disqualification proceedings or judicial review (led by Mr Paul Shieh SC, with Mr Jeffrey Tam)

  • 衡平法 / 信託

  • Yang Foo-oi by Leung Ping Chiu, Roy, her next friend v Wai Wai Chen [2020] 3 HKC 363 – locus standi; assignment of cause of action, rectification of deed of gift (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC and Mr Bernard Man SC, with Mr Keith Lam)

  • Siu Wai Ming v Shiu Wai Hong & Others [2020] HKCFI 386 – trial; breach of trust and fiduciary duties (led by Mr Richard Khaw SC, with Mr Tim Wong)

  • 精神健康

  • C v B [2019] HKCA 321 – appointment of committee; enduring powers of attorney (led by Mr Benjamin Yu SC and Mr Bernard Man SC, with Ms Bonnie Cheng)

  • Re WSY (HCMH 7/2016) – statutory will; transactions entered into without the requisite mental capacity (led by Mr Eugene Fung SC)

  • 遺產 / 繼承

  • Re Estate of Madam Yang Foo-Oi (HCAP 10/2020) (led by Mr Bernard Man SC, with Mr Keith Lam)

  • Re Estate of Gobindram Atoomal Sawlani (HCAP 13/2014) (as sole advocate)

  • 公司法

  • Re The Grande Holdings Ltd [2018] 3 HKC 412 – discovery; fiduciary duty of provisional liquidators to account (led by Mr Bernard Man SC)

  • 破產清盤

  • Re Swiss Cosmeceutics (Asia) Limited, [2019] HKCFI 336 – winding-up petition; bona fide dispute as to debt, breach of warranty (as sole advocate)

  • The Grande Holdings Ltd v Joint and Several Administrators of the Schemes of Arrangement, HCMP 2369/2017 (22 December 2017) – injunction to restrain presentation of winding-up petition; scheme of arrangement (led by Mr Bernard Man SC)

  • 銀行 / 金融

  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited v Lam Chun Hing, HCMP 997/2016 – lifting automatic stay under the Legal Aid Ordinance; misrepresentation; summary judgment Order 88 (as sole advocate)

  • Acted in an arbitration over a loan / repurchase agreement of up to HK$700 million

  • 電訊

  • Advised multinational corporations on the implications of the National Security Law

  • Tong Bing Lun v Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, AAB 12/2017 (27 November 2017) – administrative appeal; data protection principle (led by Mr Abraham Chan SC)

  • 誹謗 / 傳媒

  • Yip Hai Tak v Kan Pui Kwan & Others, HCA 2215/2016 – defamation; justification; qualified privilege (as sole advocate)

  • 聯絡方法

    電話:(+852) 2523 2003


    姓名:Candy Chau


  • 商業糾紛
  • 財產及物業轉移
  • 公法 / 司法覆核
  • 衡平法 / 信託
  • 精神健康
  • 遺產 / 繼承
  • 公司法
  • 破產清盤
  • 銀行 / 金融
  • 電訊
  • 誹謗 / 傳媒
  • 禁制令 / 藐視法庭
  • 仲裁
  • 歸還索償 / 不當得益
  • 專業責任
  • 紀律制裁
  • 僱傭
  • 歧視
  • 規劃
  • 學歷


    MA, University of Cambridge


    PCLL, University of Hong Kong


    BA (Hons) in Law, University of Cambridge


    BA (Ethics, Politics & Economics; Music), Yale University


  • Contributing Editor, Hong Kong Civil Procedure

  • 獎學金 / 獎項


    Bar Scholarship


    Middle Temple Scholarship for Advocacy Training